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All specimens are sourced, stored, prepared and couriered as meat food products and are fit for human consumption.  We do however recommend that all specimens are disposed of after dissection and are not cooked and eaten.

The small print...

Consumers have the right to change their mind for up to 14 days from placing their order. Returns should be sent unopened back to address printed on the box and the LIVEONLINE code must not have been activated. LIVEONLINE e link is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. All specimens are sold as foodstuffs and are safe for domestic use, however we don't recommend consuming this product once dissected. Terms and conditions apply. Any box markings are purely for theatrical licence. Specimens should be removed from the biox and stored as per raw meat. All items are sent first class next day delivery to guarantee product quality, The ITAE Group are not liable for spoilage if delivery is missed or rearranged, or the product Is not refrigerated or frozen within 15 minutes of receiving the specimen. Products will be dispatched within 48 hours of receiving orders and sent first class next day delivery. Please allow up to 7 working days for dispatch plus 1 day for delivery. Products are not dispatched on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The ITAE Group are not liable for  parcel loss caused by inaccurate addresses.  Delays caused by postal strikes may affect the shelf life of the product. Product should always be used under adult supervision. Keep away from small children.  Store away from pets and other animals . All imagery and video material is for guideline purposes only, and the product may differ in size and shape from those shown. Only available for delivery in the UK & Northern Ireland. The ITAE Group is a data controller and all data is collected and stored in line with EU GDPR regulations. For our privacy policy please click here. All logos and imagery are protected trademarks of the Inspire to Aspire Events Limited. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved



For LIVEONLINE technical support call 03333447143

For customer services please call: 01827 230610


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The Heart 

Perfectly housed within the mediastinum in the thoracic cavity, this organ certainly packs a punch contracting almost four billion times across a lifespan to keep your 5 litres of blood constantly circulating through the 100,000 miles of blood vessels delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to every single cell in the body... live at home you can follow in the footsteps of notorious human anatomist to learn more about this incredible organ.

The silent percussion that is never heard. Lub-dub. This rhythmical genius comprised of a series of chambers and valves is every plumbers dream. Dissect your way through the fibrous and serous pericardium to the endocardium of the inner chambers. Orientate your way through the great vessels, coronary arteries and sinus. Plot the electrical conductivity of the heart from the sino-atrial node to the left and right bundle branches of the purkinje fibres. You like the stringed instruments? Well pluck away on the chord tendinae! Study the intricacies of the chamber from the valve leaflets to the trabeculations of the muscle wall and understand its relevance in the outworking of this beating machine. Don't forget to pit stop at the clinical landmarks for your Coronary heart disease pathology low down. 

Biox Heart


What does each BIOX contain?

  • organ specimen for dissection

  • structured learning aid to record your dissection

  • LIVEONLINE tutorial license key 

  • x4 nitrile gloves

  • protective hats

  • protective masks

  • protective aprons

  • sealable disposal bag


  • 1 x chopping board

  • 1 x knife
  • 1 x pair of simple scissors
  • 1 x pen
  • 1 x laptop or tablet with a wifi connection

What do I need at home?

"The BIOX tutorial and dissection really helped me with my second year anatomy module. I passed my Anatomy & Control Physiology module with 86%" 

Lee Barnes

Student Nurse 

Kings College University